• We are a small boutique consulting company that offers support at the board and executive level; we are focused on small and medium sized companies.
  • We are systematically focused on the ASD, Analysis, Strategy and Development concept which can be easily adapted to any business, anywhere in the world.
  • Our competencies range from business analysis to consecutive strategy development, all of which can be implemented, step by step, in any company.
  • We perfectly understand that disruptive technology, Innovation and digital transformation are driving key milestones for any sustainable corporate development.
  • We can identify meaningful patterns within a wide variety of data and information. A systematic consolidation of available information is used for further business development.
  • We are especially engaged and interested in young companies who need sustainable advice for more robust corporate growth and development.
  • We are not perfect, nobody is. We connect our know-how to a broader network of knowledge and coordinate swarm intelligence toward a meaningful result.


Beside general consulting for the most important topics we additionally focus on:

  • Business plan, analysis and development
  • Business development and Innovation
  • Expertise in certification, licensing and franchising models
  • Financial analysis of running business as well as of planed business cases
  • Support young companies (consulting, advise and participate to boards, seed funding)